Rodrigo Procknov was born in the city of São Paulo. At the age of 12 he starts as a bass in the group of young people of the church. In this period he is given his first guitar and falls in love with the instrument.

When he was 16 his passion for the guitar is already so intense that his mother, Maria Sueli Procknov, pays for the services of a private music teacher to teach him music.

Instructed by Cleyton Fernandes, Rodrigo Procknov gets in touch with the musical universe which he did not know till that time - erudite and popular Brazilian music, which later became his source of inspiration.

By the age of 18, when he graduated from Senior High School, the young man tells his family that he wants to pursue carrier of musician.

When he joined University, he was instructed by the conductors Paulo de Tarso, Giacomo Bartoloni, and José Cândido. In 2000, after graduating in music at Universidade Cruzeiro do Sul, Rodrigo continues improving his music knowledge with private classes with Conductor José Cândido (course of Functional Harmony and Arrangements), open courses and master classes with renowned musicians form Brazil and the world. He has participated in Brazil-France Interchange, signed by the École de Musique of Tregor and CENA-Centro de Encontro das Artes, with patronage of Secretaria Municipal de Cultura de São Paulo, having had classes of erudite guitar with Professor Roger Eon; open course of arrangement with Ulisses Rocha, offered by ULM - Universidade de Livre Música; Grandes Cursos of TV Cultura with classes presented by Conductor Julio Medaglia at TV Cultura of São Paulo; and has attended master classes with Baden Powel and Abel Carlevarro. He has also partricipated in the Festival de Novos Talentos (New Talents Festival) being among the 14 finalists of Brazil, with patronage of the Government of the State of São Paulo in 2004, as the only soloist.

He has participated in the Workshops of Music and Film, instructed by Livio Tragtenberg on the 1st Festival of Latin American Films of São Paulo.

Presently, the musician is divulging his first CD.


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